Vatican II

Learn How Vatican II Influenced Our Liturgy


January: This Sacred Council 
February: Sound Tradition
March: The Paschal Mystery
April: Sacraments and Sacramentals
May: Sacred Scripture
June: Full, Conscious and Active Participation
July: Noble Simplicity
August: Liturgical Instruction of the Faithful
September: So Exalted a Ministry
October: Sacred Music
November: Sacred Art
December: Public Prayer of the Church
“What Happened at Vatican II” by John O’Malley, 1:2:51

Vatican II Articles Prepared by Corinna Laughlin, Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy, St. James Cathedral, Seatle, Washington. 

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What is a Council? Vatican II Series 1.pdf
Ecumenical Councils of the Church Vatican II Series 2.pdf
Where Did the Council Come From? Vatican II Series 3.pdf
St. John XXIII Vatican II Series 4.pdf
Council Preparations Vatican II Series 5.pdf
The Council Opens Vatican II Series 6.pdf
The Council at Work Vatican II Series 7.pdf
Renewing the Liturgy Vatican II Series 8.pdf
Transition: John XXIII to Paul VI Vatican II Series 9.pdf
Debates on the Nature of the Church Vatican II Series 10.pdf
Lumen Gentium: Key Teachings Vatican II Series 11.pdf
Human Dignity: The Declaration on Religious Liberty Vatican II series 12.pdf
The Council and Christian Unity Vatican II series 13.pdf
Nostre Aetate: The Council and Non-Christian Religions Vatican II series 14.pdf
The Council and Bishops, Priests and Religious Vatican II series 15.pdf
Dei Verbum: God’s Word Vatican II series 16.pdf
A New Vision for the Laity Vatican II series 17.pdf
Gaudium et Spes: The Church in the Modern World Vatican II series 18.pdf
The Council Ends Vatican II series 19.pdf