Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God

Holy Family is honored to celebrate the beginning of life with your family and welcoming your loved one into the Catholic faith through baptism. 

For parents who are baptizing their first child in the Catholic Church, Holy Family is pleased to announce our new baptism program BelongingBelonging: Baptism in the Family of God is designed to provide you with an incredible encounter with Jesus and with the Church. This program seeks to prepare parents to have your children baptized and to help you understand your vocation as parents at this important time in your lives. You will learn what it means to be children of God; and that in the Church, you will always have a place where they belong.

Belonging will be offered three times per year. Each offering will consist of two two-hour sessions. One session for parents and one session for parents and Godparents. These two sessions will assist parents and Godparents in understanding the meaning and rite of baptism as well as how parents and Godparents can support their child of God. 

If you have already baptized a child in the Catholic Church you are not required to attend the class, but are welcome to attend if you wish.

To begin the process of having your child baptized at Holy Family please complete the baptism preliminary information form below and return it to Joe Melies by emailing it to or dropping it off at the parish office.

Baptism Preliminary Request Form

Godparent Form

Christian Witness Form


For more information on baptism, please contact Joe at (816) 436-9200 or