Our Staff: Liturgy and Music Director

John Winkels has been with Holy Family for over 15 years as the Liturgy and Music Director. In the course of a typical week, John meets with various liturgical ministers who give their time and talent for the celebration of the Mass. Much of John’s time is spent preparing musicians and choirs, working with the visual arts, liturgical training sessions and many other aspects of worship. John embraces the diversity of Holy Family members and brings an organic and creative style to the liturgy while being rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith.

In addition to serving a parish in Minnesota, his home state, John has served at St. James in Liberty and at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception downtown over his 39 years of full-time ministry.

John loves farmer's markets, cooking, traveling and spending time socializing his 4.5 lb long-haired chihuahua, Pepito.  John is often found in the midst of a conversation with a parishioner or colleague, or in a musical conversation with a piano or organ.