Public Safety

Safety at Holy Family

Helpful information about safety precautions in our parish.


Holy Family has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) located across from the restrooms at the back of the church in case of a heart emergency. The staff at Holy Family is trained in its use, but other rained individuals in the congregation are encouraged to use it in an emergency.

First Aid Cabinets

Holy Family also has first aid cabinets posted throughout the facility. The closest of these to the worship space is in the kitchenette. Others are located in the classroom hallways and the parish kitchen. In addition to band aids and other first aid materials, there are also Glucose Slimpaks that can be used if a parishioner has a low blood-sugar incident. Please contact usher or a staff member in case of an emergency.

Fire Plan

Emergency fire exit plans are posted in the parish classrooms, and in the sacristy.

Tornado Plan

In the case of a tornado, instuctions of where to go will be read over the parish loudspeakers.

Telephone Numbers

For Police, Fire, or Medical emergency, dial 911.

Kansas City, MO Police (non-emergency): 816-413-3400