wfucz2vny2j1rbkiwolb5zozdxl.pngAnointing of the Sick

Holy Family occasionally offers the sacrament of the anointing of the sick after Mass. This sacrament is open to anyone with a serious physical or mental illness. Please check our calendar for these dates. Vatican II opened the availability to the sacrament to those people, instead of only prior to death. Jesus showed a great love for the sick when he was on Earth and this sacrament continues this mission. We will publicize when this sacrament will be available.

When you have a scheduled hospital admission, contact Fr. Philip Egan in advance for this sacrament at 816-436-9200, ext. 307. Hospitals do not contact the parish due to confidentiality issues.


Upon entering ninth grade, high school-aged teens seeking the sacrament of Confirmation must have completed one year of religious education immediately prior to their sacramental year, with a minimum of 75% attendance at either the parish or parochial school, and should be attending religious education classes the year of confirmation. They should have received the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. Preparation spans over six months with small group sessions, retreats, service and time spent with sponsors. For information about confirmation, contact: Rob Lickteig, youth/young adult minister at 816-436-9200 ext. 308, or [email protected].

If you wish to sign up for 2021 Confirmation, the signups will be available in April. 

First Reconciliation and First Communion

Children who have completed one year of religious education immediately prior to their year of sacramental preparation, with a minimum of 75% attendance at either the parish or parochial school, are invited to prepare for the sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Children must meet a minimum of 75% attendance rate for the year of sacramental preparation as well. In accordance with church guidelines, children prepare for Reconciliation before First Communion. At Holy Family Catholic Church, Reconciliation and First Communion are traditionally celebrated during the second-grade year in parish school of religion (PSR). Holy Family accepts children after second grade into the sacramental preparation program if they have not already completed these sacraments. Parents are required to attend informational meetings and several activities outside of the normal PSR classroom. For more information, contact Michelle Morris, interim director of religious education, at 816-436-9200, ext 309. Email her at [email protected]

First Reconciliation is in December 2020 and First Communion is in March of 2021. Click here to sign up.

Jordan Program (Baptism Preparation)

Holy Family is honored to celebrate the beginning of life with your family, welcoming your loved one into the Catholic faith. The Jordan Program is a preparation class for parents wishing to have their child baptized. Discussions at these sessions include symbolism of baptism, selection of godparents and faith development in children. Jordan Program classes are held on the third Sunday of each month and last approximately two hours. As expecting parents, it is recommended to select godparents and attend the Jordan Program classes early in pregnancy. Baptisms are held the second Saturday of the month at 11 a.m. or after the 11 a.m. Mass the last weekend of the month.

Requirements for having your infant baptized at Holy Family:

  • Being registered, active members of Holy Family Parish for at least six months before baptism or providing verification of active parish membership from their previous pastor.
  • Completing the Jordan Program
  • Having at least one full, initiated Catholic godparent at the baptism. While two godparents are preferred (one of each gender), Canon Law requires at least one. A Christian of another denomination may serve as a Christian witness alongside a single Catholic godparent.

Godparent/Christian Witness Forms

  • The godparent must submit an eligibility certificate, signed by their current pastor and sealed with their parish’s seal.
  • A Christian witness must provide a verification form from their pastor that indicates that he or she is a practicing Christian.

If you satisfy the requirements and would like to have your child baptized at Holy Family, please fill out the forms below and return them to the parish office. If you have any additional questions, please contact the main office at 816-436-9200.


If you are interested in receiving the sacrament of marriage at Holy Family, please read through the requirements below. When you are ready to inquire about reserving a date for your wedding, please contact Fr. Phil Egan about the marriage preparation program: [email protected] or 816-436-9200, ext 304.


Requirements for Marriage at Holy Family Catholic Church

  • One person within the couple should be a registered and active member of Holy Family Parish for at least six months.
  • Completion of the marriage preparation program, which takes about nine months.
  • A date for the ceremony may be set after the couple has completed the initial meeting of the marriage preparation program.

An introductory marriage preparation class or initial consultation with Fr. Phil is the first step. During this meeting, a pre-marital inventory will be completed. Over the next few months, meetings with the married couple focusing on issues affecting marriage or participation in an Engaged Encounter weekend will be required. Additional sessions with Fr. Phil Egan are also scheduled.