Our Staff- Director of Religious Education

Having grown up in Guadalajara, Mexico. Luz moved to Kansas City along with her parents in 2005, right after she graduated from Early Childhood Development school. She found Kansas City a very welcoming place. 

Luz has been involved in the church all her life. Her grandparents were very devoted, they became her role models in life and in the church. As well as her parents, her mother was a leader of the Single elderly women and her siblings were the youth and young couple’s leaders. Her dad oversaw communications and photography of the parish. During her pre-teen years she became a children(s) leader and joined the music, theater and dance group from the church. During this time, she started to devote her life to God by following the vocational steps. 

When Luz moved to Kansas City, she learned English and started working as a Preschool Teacher and volunteering in different organizations. She knew that God wanted her to help others in need. So, she started to help deliver food to the sick and unfortunate, as well as volunteering on the suicide crisis line. She volunteered in other parishes as a catechist and became DRE and helped develop catechist trainings in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. She entered a convent to find her vocation. Even though she was not able to stay there she knew that God could use her in the community in some other role.