Groups + Community

Find a group that interests you, and get connected in the community here at Holy Family!


Adult Bible Study

The adult bible study groups offer seasonal and thematic scripture study programs. 

  • Contact: Christen Cota (816-436-9200), [email protected]
  • Meetings: Fall and Spring, Wednesday nights (6:30-8:00pm) and Thursday mornings (9:00-11:00am)

Holy Family Men of Faith

Men come together to study the richness of the Catholic Faith and learn how to apply it to their daily lives to become better fathers, husbands, brothers, assoicates, and Christen men. The group gathers for a light breakfast durring the Fall and Spring sessions.

St. Catherine of Sienna Women's Bible Study

The women of this group study scripture, seasonal prayer and books on religious topics. The current series starting on September 19th is Metanoia: A Journey with Christ into Conversion - 

Let well-known author and international speaker Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, lead you into a more profound understanding of Jesus' deep and abiding love and his call to conversion.

From the founder of the Wild Goose Ministry, this 10-part series leads viewers on an inspirational journey of grace, hope, repentance, and transformation. It will unpack the meaning of the work "Metanoia", the Greek word meaning conversion.

  • Contact: Christen Cota (816-436-9200), [email protected]
  • Meetings: Sunday mornings (9:15-10:45am)

Thursday Evening Bridge Group

This group plays Bridge for enjoyment. Substitutes are always welcome. A knowledge of the game is necessary. 

  • Contact: Mike and Linda Kelly (816-468-0386), [email protected]
  • Meetings: August-June, third Thursdays of the month, 7:00pm. 

Dinner for Eight

Dinner for Eight offers the opportunity for parish members to meet and socialize with other parishioners through a monthly potluck dinner at a host's home. Each group consists of eight or more adults, couples, and/or singles.

Participants are assigned randomly each month so members have the opportunity to meet many different people during the year. Each spring, all participants are invited to the culminating Dinner for Eighty held in the Parish Hall.

  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Meetings: September-November and January-March, third Saturday of the month.

Holy Family Book Club

The Holy Family Book Club reads one book per month and meets to discuss the book, themes, ideas, and anything else that comes to mind. The books to read for the upcoming months are discussed as a group at meetings; all genres are welcome.

  • Contact: Vicky Draftz (816-405-2785), [email protected]
  • Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm.

Men's Club

The Men's Club provides opportunity for fellowship and service for men of all ages. Fund-raising activities include Lenten fish dinners, trivia night, and Texas Hold'em tournaments to help groups or individuals in need throughout the parish community. Social activities include watching sports events, playing cards, nights out to a Royals Game or to the local pool hall.

  • Contact: Jim Gach (816-694-4224), Rob Lickteig (816-436-9200), [email protected]
  • Meetings: September-May, second Monday of the month, 7:30pm

St. Joseph's Women's Group

This group provides opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and service for parish women. They coordinate funeral dinners, maintain parish linens, make 'Heartwarmer' fleece blankets for people recovering from illness, in addition to providing other services. They hold an annual nut and candy sale to raise funds. 

  • Contact: Sandi Shaw (816-668-3881), Christen Cota (816-436-9200), [email protected]
  • Meetings: September-May, second Tuesday of the month.

Young Adult Ministries (YAM)

This peer community provides the opportunity for those 21-35 years old to grow in the fellowship of the Lord through service, social activities, and scripture. Additionally, there is a men's and women's bible study/fellowship group. 


Knights of Columbus - Holy Family Council

The Knights of Columbus perform numerous works of charity and offer opportunities for fellowship for Catholic men 18 and older.

  • Contact: Charlie Ray (816-256-1040), Mike Jaromin (816-436-9200, [email protected])
  • Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, 7:00pm.

Knights of Columbus - Ladies Auxiliary

The ladies support the parish's Knights of Columbus Council. You must be a spouse or daughter of a Knight. 

  • Contact: Nicole Roades (816-803-1553, [email protected])
  • Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, 7:00pm.

St. Serra Club of Kansas City - North

This group fosters and promostes vocations to the priesthood, support preists, and encourage vocations to the religious life. With sister clubs, they hold a golf tournament, picnic, and Christmas pary for seminarians and priests. 

  • Contact: Steve VanKeirsbilck (816-462-7918), [email protected]
  • Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month at St. Andrew the Apostle.


Journeying Forward Together: Widow and Widowers Group

This group provides support for those who have lost a loved one. 

  • Contact: Lisa Conaway (816-734-8748)
  • Meetings: Second Saturday of the month, 3:30pm.