Synod at Holy Family


If you did not have a chance to attend one of our in-person or virtual Synod Listening Sessions, we welcome you to submit your thoughts in our Online Synod survey by clicking the button below!

Theme 1: Dialogue in Church and Society

  • To what extent do diverse peoples in our community come together for dialogue?
  • How are conflicts and difficulties addressed?
  • What issues in the Church and society do we need to pay more attention to?

Theme 2: Listening

  • How is God speaking to us through the voices that are in our midst?
  • How is God speaking to us through the voices we sometimes ignore?
  • What space is there to listen to the voices on the peripheries of the Church, especially cultural groups, women, the disabled, the poor and marginalized. 

Theme 3: Authority and Participation

  • How are the baptized members of our local church able to participate in the Mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel?
  • What hinders people from being active in our local Church? 
  • How is authority or governance exercised in our local Church?
  • How are teamwork and co-responsibility put into practice in our local Church.

Synod is an ancient and venerable word that indicates the path along which the People of God walk together.

Synodality denotes the particular style that qualifies the life and mission of the Church, expressing her nature as the People of God journeying together and gathering in assembly, summoned by the Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel.

By convening this Synod, Pope Francis invites the entire Church to reflect on a theme that is decisive for its life and mission: "It is precisely this path of synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium."

A global pandemic, local and international conflicts, growing impact of climate change, migration, various forms of injustice, racism, violence, persecution, and increasing inequalities across humanity.

To listen, as the entire People of God, to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.

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