Our Pastor

Our pastor is Fr. Steven C. Rogers. Years ago, there was a motto for the revival of the church.  Printed and posted everywhere was, “Open wide your doors to Christ.  All are welcome!”  This is how I breathe and move and find my being.  We are in this together.  Each of us is called to live by the Divine Imperative: Love God, Love Neighbor and Love Yourself.  We are called to build holy, happy, and healthy relationships.  As brothers and sisters in Christ we are to lift-up one another, to build the Kingdom of God on earth in preparation for the eternal Kingdom of everlasting joy, hope, and peace.  To help us as the body of Christ, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us to the presence, the power, and the profundity of Jesus Christ.  Again, we are in this together and if we keep our focus on what Jesus is doing in our lives, in our nation and in our world and less on ourselves and others, we will discover each day new ways to love all others, as Christ has taught us.  Open wide your doors, your minds, and your hearts and together we will celebrate and rejoice all the days of our lives. Fr. Steve was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Kansas City in 2006. Fr. Steve is Holy Family’s sixth pastor.