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Online Resources


In Flocknote, you can see your profile, groups you can join, and previous notes that have been sent out. Holy Family uses Flocknote to communicate with parishioners via email.

You can also use Flocknote to access Word on Fire's digital library!

Catholicism 101

If you are a Christian or a practicing Catholic, you might often say “I believe in God”. Imagine just for a moment that these four words are a gateway to understanding your life on earth and an invitation to a truly meaningful existence. Join us to explore the basic truths of our faith by receiving weekly emails with short 8-minute videos, each explaining some aspect of our faith. Catholicism 101 is a fresh and energetic new series that presents the basic truths of the Catholic faith. Whether you are already Catholic and just want a refresher or you are newly exploring the Catholic faith, this is a series for you! Filmed by a range of contemporary evangelists, including Sr. Josephine Garrett, Fr. Stephen Gadbury, and actor Jonathan Roumie from the Chosen series. By signing up you will receive via email, a new 8 minute video each week starting January 30.

Click Here to sign up.

Word on Fire: Engage

We are thrilled to announce that our parish has access to premium video content from Word on Fire. These films and videos feature Bishop Robert Barron and Word on Fire's team of dynamic presenters. 

You now have access to the entire Word on Fire digital video library! You can watch any of Word on Fire's films or study programs whenever you want, on any device. 

How can I access this amazing content? 

First, make sure you are signed up on Flocknote. This is how you will recieve emails from Holy Family. In these emails, you will be bale to access all Word on Fire videos. 
After recieving an email with a Word on Fire video...
The easiest way is to first click the play button on any Word on Fire video you receive in your email, then when the video opens up to play you will see a button below that says "Check them Out". Clicking this button will automatically log you into Word on Fire Digital (no password required!) and open up for you to browse the entire library of video content.
After you've clicked over to open the full library using the orange button beneath any video, you will stay automatically logged in for 30-days and can simply go straight to whenever you are ready to watch!
You can also watch on your smart TV and mobile devices through the Word on Fire app by following these instructions:
  • Step 1 - Press the "PLAY" button on any Word on Fire video found in our emails. (This activates this email address to give you video access)
  • Step 2 - Download the app to your Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Smartphone or Tablet (Just search 'Word on Fire Digital')
  • Step 3 - Log in with your email address and begin watching award-winning content seen by millions!
We are so excited to be sharing this amazing resource with you all!