Parish Advisory


As parish representatives, the Pastoral Council fully supports parish life by:

  • Being actively involved in ministry to the parish
  • Serving as stewards of the parish mission and planning with discernment and prayerful reflection
  • Ensuring parish committee and staff initiatives are consistent with the parish mission and long-range plans
  • Creating parish policies aligned with the parish mission statement and diocesan policies
  • Providing collaborative support to the pastor, parish staff, and parish ministry leaders
  • Developing relationships with parishioners to enable action on issues and concerns of the parish
  • Continuing to develop our faith life

Current Pastoral Council Members

Pam Bruce (co-chair), Jason Roberts (co-chair), Ernie Anson, Mary Moss, Susan Teson, Alex Williams, Fr. Phil. 

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The Finance Council monitors the parish’s financial position. Members review financial statements, assist with budget development, and serve as financial advisers to the Pastor and Business Manager.

Current Finance Council Members

Steve Osborne (Chair), Jody Barker, Lisa Coonfare, Deb Eblen, Mike Elbert, Dave Lemke, Angela Robertson, Elaine Simpson, Marie Relic, Fr. Phil.  

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The Facilities Committee oversees all construction and maintenance projects associated with parish facilities.

Current Facilities Committee Members

Dave Rogowski (Chair), Dee Carver, Jeff Gilsin, Larry Kloepfel, Joseph Malicoat, David Moss, Roger Prokes, Marie Relic, Charles Schroder, Norm Schmalz, Bill Wall, Fr. Phil. 

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As God’s children, we are each uniquely gifted. We are called by baptism to nurture and share these gifts. Our response to the call is achieved by embracing a life of stewardship. The mission of the Stewardship Council is to call the members of our faith community to:

  • Discover and acknowledge their gifts
  • Provide educational opportunities to promote sharing of gifts
  • Encourage participation in ministry and financial support

We envision Holy Family as a vibrant parish whose commitment to stewardship calls us to involvement in our local community, the universal church and all of God’s creation.

Current Stewardship Council Members

Patty Rose (Chair), Marline Azevedo, Bob Bromberg, Marcy Johnson, Vicky Otto, Elaine Penas, Phil Pleiss, Rozanne Prather, and Bill Yocum.  

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