Our Staff: Communications Coordinator


Born and raised in Oklahoma, RJ is new to the area after graduating from Benedictine College. Graduating with a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, he is excited to be able to use what he has learned to help grow the Kingdom of God on Earth. Following the words and encouragement of Pope Saint John Paul II in "Letter to Artists", RJ hopes to use communication mediums of all sorts to cultivate beauty and further understanding of God amongst the parish and world.

Believing all Catholics are called to be Eucharistic people is what gets RJ out of bed every day. RJ has a deep devotion to the Eucharist and is excited to get to work at a parish amidst the Eucharistic Revival as called for by the USCCB.  Drawing inspiration from the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Saint John Paul II, and Fulton Sheen - he is excited to begin his work in ministry at this vibrant parish. 

On a personal note, RJ is an avid golfer and a huge baseball fan. After several years of golfing, many long nights on the driving range, thousands spent on rounds, and years spent being made fun of by friends for constantly practicing his swing, he is playing a 4 handicap and is ready to accept a challenge from anyone. And with his favorite MLB teams being the St. Louis Cardinals and the Houston Astros, he has accepted that he probably will not have much common ground with anyone in Kansas City on anything MLB related. (To make matters worse, he is the Dallas Cowboys biggest fan).