Letters to the Saint on Your Left

Since the beginning of March, our parish family has had to spend some time apart in our individual homes. While this is in the best interest of the community, it can be difficult for everyone, especially those who live alone or those who are considered high risk.

Each Mass at Holy Family we thank God for the saint on our left and our right, and though we are not physically able to squeeze their hands and give thanks for them, we now get a unique opportunity to do this remotely. The goal of this program is to show parishioners that they are seen, known, and still connected to our parish even while we are away.

We aim to pair a seasoned parishioner with a younger parishioner or family to form a regular communication between the two. Families are asked to send letters, photos, artwork, funny moments from their day, anything really, just to connect with the seasoned parishioner they are matched with.

If you would like to be a part of this program, please sign up by clicking on this link